Why is "des" translated as an entire phrase here?

When I click on “des” here I get “of 86% among supporters” (1532) as the top translation. I come across this kind of thing occassionally, and I put it down to a glitch and move on. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong/

It’s just a bad translation. Users can add their own translations that other uses can also see and use. It’s a very useful feature but you do get completely odd results at times. I suppose some user tried to make a multi-word Lingq but s/he botched it and it got associated with the single word “des”. In this context, “des” means more or less “some”, althouth you would simply not translate it into English. It’s an example of the so-called French “partititive”: Du, de la, de l', des - French Partitive Articles - Lawless French Grammar
Ils sont des fées: they are [some] fairies