Why how LingQs are saved sometimes not nice. Example "24/7 support"

I tried to create a LingQ for the word “support”. It turned to “24/7 support”. I know that this happens because someone saved the word “support” with “24/7” for the first time this word was saved.
Is there a chance to change such LingQs to a better expression in the future?
By the way, often words are lingqed in capital letters. It confuses me sometimes if such words appears in my LingQ list. I would really appreciate if I could correct such LingQs.

I have also recently saved a rather strange LingQ. The LingQ was created in this lesson:

My LingQ should have been “gamuza”, somehow it became “gamuza 3/7/09”.

have you tried clicking on ‘edit lingq’ it should appear whenever you first go to save a lingq or when you open it any time after that

I agree with you Vera. Already existing LingQs are sometimes wrong. I suggest that the ones which are obviously wrong created can be deleted by a “good” tutor.

Nia, you cannot change the LingQ itself. You can only change the hint and the description.

One of my collegues signed up for a Basic membership last year. Recently I asked him why he stopped using LingQ. Maybe you think it is funny, but one of his points was this problem. A lot of people think in this way. There is a small bug that make them thinking the whole system couldn’t be good. Insofar such small problems should also be corrected.

I seem to be seeing something very differently. Isn’t the hint the lingq? isn’t it that someone lingqed support, writing 24/7 support as their hint, which you can either use as your hint / lingq or write another one for yourself?

The LingQ is the word or the phrase that you save. Someone saved “24/7 support” as a LingQ. I want to save “support”. But if I do this the system recognized that there is a LingQ with “24/7 support”.
The hint is the translation or anything else that you save according to the LingQ. You can change the hint.
The phrase is a sentence or a part of a sentence that contains the LingQ. You can change the phrase as well.
I hope this helps.

Am I right in thinking that these strange things happen because we are sharing the on-line wordbooks with other members at LingQ. If it is the case, there should be an option of having his or her own on-line wordbooks that are independent to other members’. If someone saved a word or phrase that do not make any sense, every member would be influenced for ever.

“…at LingQ?”

“independent of …”

I have created many tens of thousands of LingQs and am not aware of ever having encountered this problem. Yet when I go to save the word “support” I get “24/7 support” as Vera says. I do not know why this happens. We will put it on the todo list.

There seems to be an issue with numbers either being added to LingQs or somehow appearing. This is something we will be looking into.

I have found a couple of Lingqs that are odd too, so I just create a new one with the meaning that I think is more appropriate.
I think when you highlight the word it says something like Edit the lingq and then you just write the new meaning and it’s save like that for now on. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone right?

When I create a LingQ and I see suggested hints, there are definitely some hints that I like better than others. I, then, make a decision whether the hint is good enough to take and save time or I can spend the time and create my own. It’s my choice but I also get a sense of satisfaction knowing I am creating hints for those coming behind me.

so Everytime I make a add a new Meaning to a word well a lingq it saves for others to use as well? or only when an administrator does it?

Hi Lilyflor,
My problem is not the hint. I always create my own hints! My problem is the LingQ itself that is sometimes odd.
I highlight “Support” and the LingQ turned into “24/7 Support”.
I highlight “bid” and the LingQ turned into “bid”.

@ Lilyflor - That’s right. Every time anyone creates a new Hint it is added as a possible User Hint. The User Hints that are used most often appear in the LingQ popup.

Thanks Mark that’s good to know.
And Veral I haven’t found any of those yet but now I get what you mean
hopefully it will get fix soon!

Mark, and what does the figure in the round brackets mean?

The figure in brackets tells you how many times that hint has been used by another member.