Why don't more Polyglots use LingQ?

I have always found it interesting that more Polyglots don’t use LingQ. Luca Lampariello, Lýdia Machová , vladimir skultety, Richard simcott, Tim Doner, Jan from Language Boost…etc I have always felt like LingQ is the literally the best way to learn a Language. Its too bad more people don’t use it.


There is an old thread about this topic. The bottomline, IMO, is that what you call “polyglots” are in fact “professional polyglots” or “media polyglots”. There are lots of polyglots on Lingq but professional ones have a vested interest in not using Lingq, or at least not too much because they’re mostly selling or promoting or at the very least discussing their own language learning methods. Saying “I use Lingq” becomes old and boring soon or too similar to Steve’s videos, no matter how effective it may be

Hmm. Wait some years and ask me again.


They’re promoting their own methods and systems.


Luca said in a video that he uses LingQ. There are also other not so known polyglots like gabriel silva or Jan from language boost that use lingq.

  1. I’m a polyglot and I use LingQ.
  2. Most LingQ users are polyglots.
  3. Most polyglots do NOT have youtube channels – the ones on youtube represent less than 0.001% of the worldwide polyglot community. (And I’m being generous with the zeros there)
  4. Some people with youtube channels that claim to be polyglots are actually pretty sucky at other languages, and are pushing some sucky methods.
  5. Some polyglots with youtube channels would be incentivized NOT to mention LingQ even if they used it every day.
  6. Who cares? If you’re using LingQ and like it and learn from it, why would you care what someone else is using?

Whoa, id almost create a 2nd account and pay for a membership just to like this more than once. Nail on the head. A lot of youtube polyglots are salesmen. That’s why i love steve, he’ll review other things as well, he says “LingQ works for me but it may not for you” and that’s something most polyglots don’t do. You also have other polyglots who make content, and will occasionally mention something they sell, but it’s not in every video, like Moses. He just goes out and talks, sure he wants you to buy his course, but he rarely mentions it, it’s just in his description.

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There are lots of great comments here that are spot on. I’d also like to add that many of these polyglots and “polyglots“ on youtube are just trying to reach a very proficient level and a “very proficient level“ of speaking using a limited vocabulary. Their goals aren’t to become proficient readers (which takes a long time) whereas on LingQ it seems people are generally more concerned with vocabulary building. If a strong level of speaking is someone’s goal then speaking should become a very high priority once you complete intermediate 2 on LingQ instead of continuing to build vocab.