Why doesn't work functions those work very well before the update?

I appreciate your work for new LingQ versions with new functions and I understand, that some new functions are not enough tested and causes trouble. Why doesn’t work the “good old” functions like audio, mp3 download or set up times with the tutor? What are the reasons for these problems?

I do not experience more trouble than before. :slight_smile:

To Annett: I believe There were not any reasons for these problems. I’m an IT spicialist and alwase face with main rules of software:

  1. Any software have errors.
  2. If some part of software has been changed It is added new errors even in other sub-systems or functionalities.
    All we can do to send letters to support and be patient :slight_smile:

As Taras says, that is the nature of software. However, I don’t have any problems with the audio now and I have tested in many browsers. The conversations issue was caused when we tried to fix the problem that people signing up for conversations the day of were often actually signing up for conversations the next day. We are working on this. Please be patient.