Why doesn't the system create daily SRS review for me on some days?

This had happened a few times. If I recall correctly, this happened either on a day which the previous day I saved a lot more LingQs than usual, or I studied till very late into the night. I’m not sure if those factors were any cause to this phenomenon. The LingQs created on those missing days did not show up again in future daily SRS reviews until much after.

@mjds - That does seem strange. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Keep in mind that only 25 (by default) LingQs are sent each day. If you are adding more LingQs the next day, you won’t necessarily get the ones from the previous day that weren’t sent. You are able to increase the number of LingQs sent in the email on the Settings page under Email settings. If you go to the Vocabulary page you can find all your SRS terms and review them any time. Hope this helps.

I had lifted the default from 25 and was pretty sure I never added more LingQs within a day than the new value. This way I could (at least I hope to) always see all the LingQs I added in the previous day on the following day’s daily review. It’s not a huge deal that a few days were missing, but I personally find it helpful to review these newly learned vocab early and frequently. I also noticed that these missing days were on Fridays, which were the days when I always logged on a lot later than any other days of the week. I think it’s also a possibility that the system assumed I was absent for studying for those days and didn’t prepare the SRS for me (?)

Anyways, I will try to log on early everyday from now and see. Thanks for the reply, Mark.

@mjds - Well, let us know if you encounter any more issues. If you are LingQing late into the evening there is a cutoff time after which any LingQs added to your SRS list will not be emailed until the following day.