Why do you change your interface every now and then? I'm confused now

Can someone explain how to take lessons by collection?
or do we have to pick lessons one by one, that seems not practical.

We change the interface with the intention of making it easier and more user-friendly. Changes always take a bit of getting used to :slight_smile:

If you want to view the collection, you can click on “View Collection” that appears next to the title of lessons in the Library. If you click on the image of the lesson, then the collection popup will open. For more details on how this all works, please see the post on the LingQ Central blog announcing this change: http://bit.ly/hG3miF

Just click “view collection” which is shown at the end of each lesson.

Or just click “Image” of each lesson.

Thank you. The links are so small, I almost don’t see them.
Maybe you should clean up the typography…