Why do they edit my lessons?

Last week I receive every day 50 to 100 (!!!) notifications that some Lingqers edit my lessons.
It is like these:
yjjy edited your lesson SHORT STORIES, 17. MEMOIRS OF CHILDHOOD
AlexanderBeneke edited your lesson Простые тексты (Simple texts), 45. МЕТРО В САНКТ ПЕТЕРБУРГЕ
alefosioj edited your lesson DAS DEUTSCHE VERB, 26. Präteritum der schwachen Verben
dariajot edited your lesson Meine ersten Texte, 18. EIN KINDERBRIEF
BrittM edited your lesson Allerhand Sachen zum Lesen und Lachen, 1. RUSSISCHE LEHRER IN DEUTSCHLAND
LynnJonathan edited your lesson О времени и о себе (On time and self), ПОКОЛЕНИЕ ДЕТЕЙ
DalerF edited your lesson THE INTERSTING PLACES IN THE USA, NEW YORK CITY, part 1 (2)
Bahsar_Sabatin edited your lesson GESCHICHTE UND KULTUR, DIE KIEWER RUS
IliaKosynkin edited your lesson Kurz, Aber Interessant, 36. DER ERSTE COMPUTER
Rcsosa9 edited your lesson День за днём (Day by day), ВРЕМЯ БРЕЖНЕВА
Azarabdo edited your lesson День за днём (Day by day), 185. 90-летний юбилей советского композитора Александры Пахмутовой
vertoleti edited your lesson Разговоры с Евгением (Conversations with Evgueny), 34. ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЯ ОТ КИПРА
Ryan_51 edited your lesson МОИ ПЕРВЫЕ ДИАЛОГИ, 3. ПОКА! (See you! - informal)
ascv1234 edited your lesson Страницы истории России (Pages of Russian history), 22. ПЯТЬ ИМПЕРИЙ РУССКОГО ГОСУДАРСТВА
laarchi edited your lesson Начнём! (Let’s get started!), 35. ЧТО ТАКОЕ «ВОЗВРАТНЫЕ ГЛАГОЛЫ»?
plweibel edited your lesson День за днём (Day by day), ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ ПО ВОЛГЕ
Xx77 edited your lesson ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY, 79. Time expressions with the Present Perfect and Past Simple
XicoFontes edited your lesson В газетах пишут (What they write in newspapers), 5. РОССИЯ И ТУРЦИЯ – СНОВА ДРУЖБА?
LeoSelva edited your lesson Kurz, Aber Interessant, 21. TOURISMUS und UMWELT
All this information makes no sence for me. It could be useful if it showed what was and how it changes now.
Why do they edit my lessons? I don’t know. What do they change? I don’t know. I opened some of these lessons and podcasts and I couldn’t see any changings.
Up to now I am forced to send all such letters into the wastebasket as all other Spam.


I don’t know but I remember that some really old lessons got messed up when LingQ went to v4 back in the day. The formatting of sentences and paragraphs got messed up in some lessons. I have fixed a few lessons where this has happened. It could be that they are fixing that.

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I am also receiving those notifications, lots of them, unfortunately. They are rather annoying.

My guess is that whenever a user presses the ‘translate this sentence’ button on sentence mode, if the sentence has not already been translated into that language the translation for that sentence is automatically added to the lesson. This then triggers an notification to be sent saying somebody modifies your lesson.


We will take a look into what is causing all these notifications. The ability to easily Edit Sentences in order to fix typos, translations or adjust timestamps should generate some edits but not the volume described here. Thanks, Colin, for that suggestion. We will track down whether that might be the issue.

Yes, constant ‘edit’ notifications …!!

That sounds realistic possibility from Colin … whenever a user presses the ‘translate this sentence’ … it generates a notification.

It seems I cannot change anybody elses lesson as an ‘edit’ lesson option on my ‘lesson info’ window, so unless these are v5.0 updates still ongoing, or as suggested above by Colin, then I assume that nodody else (apart from ‘librarians/admin’) could actually see ‘edit lesson option’ for my shared lessons … ???

Thanks for any feedback

Edit lesson is now only available for your own lessons. Premium users do have access to Edit Sentence though when in Sentence View, which will allow you to make edits to the text, translations, notes and timestamps on a sentence by sentence basis. It’s a new interface that should be quicker and easier to use when making quick changes to lessons you are studying.