Why do some youtube videos import sound-only, and others don't?

I noticed sometimes I can press the space bar, toward the end of a lesson (final pages), and then I can refresh the page and the play button will appear.

Other times, no matter what I do, it won’t load the audio at all.

Is there a way the audio-only feature can work without these “tricks”?

Here is an example where it is just impossible for me to trick the app into importing the audio: Login - LingQ

In my opinion, if you have audio for youtube videos, it should work the same for all (it should be right next to the Play button for the embedded videos, without having to play any tricks on the system).

Did you import that video through LingQ extension? When importing from YouTube you should always get audio too.

That’s correct, I imported it from the LingQ extension, on Mac using Chrome.
Chrome version is: 98.0.4758.102

It’s most videos that this happens on. I’ll try on my PC tomorrow with multiple browsers.

Next time you import a video and you don’t get audio, please email me video URL to support(at)lingq.com Thanks!