Why did you choose the language you are learning

Why did you choose the language you are learning

I am curious about your decisions.

Usually we choose language because of the job, travel or also live neer to a border of another nations. Or just for fun.

So, in Europe, thought, everybody want to speak english - international language.

For example I live on Western side of Poland and normally we learn German. High quantity of company from that country cooperate in Poland. If you want to get better job, you should speak german.

But, I have seen on LingQ that people - majority of them - from USA choose French and Russisch.

I am really interested of that subject.

I started learning Russian out of love of how the language sounds, as well as it being similar to Bulgarian (my native language) being a bonus.

6 months later, many hours of playing the Witcher 3 in Russian and talking with a friend from St. Petersburg, I have a good understanding, feel and can-survive-comfortably-in-Russia level in the language.

Then I started with German, because there was no Russian language course at my university. Oh, well - but German is very interesting as well. I find German history the most fascinating out of all countries and would love to read about it in more detail in the native language.

I can tell you about a decision for a future language I will learn, after I am comfortable with German (to a higher degree than in Russian): Turkish. A lot of my relatives are, so that is a no-brainer!

When I was a kid my older sister’s friend who was learning the language left behind at our house a paperback book of Russian folk tales with parallel Russian and English texts. I was enamored by the strange letters on the Russian pages and the exotic stories on the English pages. It so happened that the high school that I entered a few years later offered Russian, so that’s what I chose for a foreign language. That was a long time ago, but I’ve maintained the interest.

Other than German I basically pick languages to learn exclusively by how cool I think they sound. It’s how I got into Portuguese, Russian, and potentially Korean. I have my eye on Finnish because it’s just so freaking weird and unusual but am skeptical because it’s pretty much the most useless language to learn.

I choosed Italian because already many years ago when I was in Italy for the first time I fell in love with the country and I also liked how the language sounded so I wanted to learn it. Last year finally I fulfilled this wish and started to learn Italian. Other languages which I studied (English, French and Spanish) I also choosed because I liked them.

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I learn English because, I always thought that I know English, till I go for job and did not get job.
And then I decided, that I need to learn. I found lingq and now I am here 3 months.


I love literature so my main reason to learn languages is to read some favourite authors in their native language. Also love the fact that it opens up totally different ways of looking at the world politically, obviously the chinese/russian/american political views are very different from each other and I don’t want to be limited to a single one but get a broader perspective.

Went to study in the Netherlands (learned Dutch) and started my career there. My company then posted me to Germany (learned German). Some time after that I met my girlfriend in Brussels while visiting friends there and ended up moving to Belgium. Currently learning French since it is the main language here in Brussels.

It is good to learn language, then have native girlfriend. :slight_smile:

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I live in France.

Why is Finnish useless? Because they all speak great English or?

Because you cannot finish the language.
(Sorry. This is from a homour book in English. )


Russian: I am passionate about soviet history and politics of the ex soviet countries. No idea why but I’m really into it. It’s also a very precise language like French IMO.

Spanish: extremely easy and useful, just like English.

Ukrainian: very melodic, and I love Ukraine, Ukrainians and the cyrillic alphabet.

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Dad jokes are amazing

Maybe because the Finns stayed in their saunas rather than sailing the globe questing for empire and leaving Finno-Urgic progeny scattered everywhere? It’s an interesting language nonetheless, and I briefly dabbled in it here.


the language looks completely weird and fun to learn but I sadly can’t justify the time spent at this time because everyone there speaks english and everyone there is antisocial. I’m attracted to it but When Chinese, Korean, and Russian are options I have to pick my battles ad Finnish doesn’t hold up.

The best reason to learn a language in my opinion.

You dodged a bullet. It’s a good thing you didn’t end up in the Dutch speaking portion.