Why can't I see some of my imported lessons?

I noticed that I can’t see some of my imported lessons.
For example, I’ve added today to my collection РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ(Russian from zero) 7 new lessons, but no notice in my imported lessons.
Maybe they are in my archive lessons, but why, if I constantly add some new lessons to these collections, and the collection Russian from yero I started only on 21 of February - it’s less than 2 months ago.
And in old collections I think new additional lessons to them mustn’t be at once go the archive, let the old ones be there.
By the way, how to activate the old lessons from the archive? -It’s also a problem.

@evgueny40 - I’m not sure I quite understand the issue. If you go to My Imports, do you mean that these lessons aren’t showing up?

When you add additional lessons to courses, they will be in your My Lessons section; lessons actually act independently as far as archiving is concerned, so these lessons wouldn’t be in your archives.

To unarchive lessons that you have previously archived, just go to the My Archives section and select “Unarchive” from the menu next to the Open button for a lesson.

I notice that the dropdown box for an archived lesson lists the word “Archive,” not “unArchive” or “Activate.”
Though in my case clicking “Archive” does activate the lesson.
But I have only seven lessons in total.

@alex - Yes, I mean that I create the lessons, then I import them to Lingq, but not all lessons appear in My import.
It’s OK with my donations to English or German library, but it isn’t OK for some lessons to the Russian library.
I supposed that maybe I have too many Russian lessons that the part of them system send automatically in ‘Archive’, but I’m not sure.
The most strange for me that it happens not to all collections, but to some certain collections, the most long maybe.
THey are: День за днем, Начинаем говорить по-русски, Практическая грамматика, Анекдоты и шутки

  • and that ennoys me most of all - a new collection Русский с нуля(Russian from zero).
    You can open my Russian lesson page and you can see that they are not for the last month though I added a lot of them for these collections. For ‘Russian from zero’ I did it yesterday, but I didn’t found these last ones in my imported lessons. They are now 36, but in the imported lessons they are stopped with the 20th lesson.
    I periodically add new lessons to these collections, but I don’t see them in my Imported lessons, so I do it ‘in a blind way’ and can’t follow if they are interesting for other students or not.
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@evgueny40 - I’m not sure I fully understand the issue here. The system wouldn’t automatically archive lessons, no matter which course they are put into. If you can answer a few more questions that should help to better understand what the issue might be:

(1) If you open the course “Russian from zero” in My Imports, how many lessons does it say are in the course and how many actually appear in the course? Is there a second page of lessons? If you then edit a lesson from the course, do you see all the lessons on the right hand side?

(2) If you search for the “missing” lessons using the search bar in the My Imports section, do these lessons appear for you?

(3) Are there any “missing” lessons that appear in the My Archives section despite not having archived them?

I try to answer, though I aqm not sure that I understood everything.

  1. I don’t see the new lessons that I added last two weeks, but I can find them in the course/
    So I have to open an ols one then at the end of the lessons press - Open the course - then I see, but it isn’t convenient, and I can’t unsderstand, why the lesons after number 20 in the course ‘Russian from zero’(Русский с нуля) don’t apear in the page My imported lessons.
    The same with the lessons of the course День за днем(a text a day), that last appeared on the 16 December, and last 40 lessons don’t appear though they are in the course.
  2. By using search bar I receive only 3 lessons of all course of Russian from zero.
    3.They are not on the archive, where are only lessons till the end of December, and the course Russian from zero I started in February.
    It is not deadly, of course, I can with some additional operations find them, and I hope, my students also can, but it’s just strange.

@evgueny40 - I opened the course and it seems to show them correctly. Please note that there is a page control at the bottom of the page, and to see anything after the first 20 results you will need to go to the next page: http://screencast.com/t/tFWZujGv8m6x

I just received a rose for a lesson that I did not share:: Login - LingQ . The lesson is evgueny40’s. Might this be another side of the same problem. (Great picture, evgueny40, on the lesson!) .

@Ernie - I checked and it doesn’t look like you received a rose for this. Did you receive an email notification about the rose being awarded? If so, it would be helpful if you could forward it over to LingQ Support.

Thanks, Alex, through pressing ‘courses’ I can them call and check them.
It’s good.
But not through the page’ Imported lessons’ (not courses) where I can see all lessons, but I cannot see the last lessons of this course even after opening them via -‘courses’.
But it is not so important.
Thanks anyway.

Alex, I just forwarded the email to you (support@lingq.com). Let me know if you do not receive it. If you will also look at the link to my Wall that I pasted above, it also says I received a rose. It will probably have withered by the time evgueny40 receives it, I suppose.

@Ernie - Thanks for forwarding the email, it helps a lot in figuring out what happened. This is actually just a notification that this user shared the lesson with you: http://screencast.com/t/C60Xwz9d2z20

Fortunately in this case the rose went to evgueny40, as the rose will always be given to the user who owns the lesson.

Well, thanks for looking into it, Alex. Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase. It was nice of him to share–if confusing, as I don’t know German.