Why can't I see any lessons?

I’m able to go into courses I’ve already started on LingQ. But when I try to go into a new course I just can’t see any lessons. It tells me the exact number of lessons on the main page but there’s nothing inside when I go in.
How do I fix this?

Those are actually “External” lessons which aren’t available on LingQ 4 (current version), but you will be able to see them and access them in the upcoming update to 5.0 which will be released this week.

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Okay I appreciate the new look and all. Are we still waiting until the system will be able to view those external lessons?

Are you still seeing these courses as blank?


Hi, can you send the links to those courses please?

there are 20 lessons in this course, you need to hit import on anyone of them you like to study. if you can’t see them on web, which browser are you on? btw, External lessons are currently only available on web.