Why can't I delete words from vocab list?

hi guys,

is it just me, or it is not possible to delete words from the vocab list? i haven’t used the system for a while but last time it worked fine (tick words, select delete word from the dropdown list - no there is no such an option). thanks


Batch deleting no longer works for free members. Each vocab has to be deleted individually.

For a paying member deleting should work (I didn’t test my own theory as I don’t want to lose a page of vocab).

Thanks SanneT! Yeah, that’s what I figured. Come on guys, I loved Lingq, but you are making so irrational changes to force people to upgrade that it’s rather counter effective. I had 300 lingqs saved when you downgraded the limit to 100 lingqs. Now I have 250 lingqs but can’t save another one (fair enough), but not letting me delete batches is ridiculous. And I’m not alone with this problem that’s for sure.
I was willing to upgrade, but seeing these things I’m just gonna register another account and go from there. Or just abandon the whole site for good. I remember when Steve asked members and blog readers to list reasons why people leave the site after the registration. Here is a good one.

“I was willing to upgrade,” Really? Then, problem solved.

We need paying members in order to continue developing and improving the functions at LingQ.

Although many of the resources and functions of LingQ will always be available free of charge, we are also going to continue to increase the advantages of becoming a paying member.

The recent changes you referred to, Balint, have undoubtedly annoyed some users. On the other hand the number of paying members has increased significantly since we made the changes.

I guess we could make everything free if we had a government grant or something but that is not the case.

I think it’s fair, if you’re a free member it’s not very effective to create LingQs, but you can still use the system in other ways.

It’s a real pitty not to be able to use the LingQs in a proper way. I think it is worth 10 Dollars a month to have this great functionality. The benefit is great. I really recommend it. It is so much fun to see the yellow and blue words in a lesson.

Sorry, I might have come across a bit arrogant. I really appreciate your work and as I said I love Lingq. Although I have a different approach using it and 100 lingqs would be enough at a time (I found that if i just create lings as if it was going out of fashion I just simply can’t keep up with them. That is why I’d like to create just a few, learn them properly, enter them into Anki and then just delete them. But that’s just me. And I know that 10 bucks is not much. I will reconsider things.) I’m glad that you have more paying members I hope you will develop an Android application too. Or just get a goverment grant. I know it is hard, but hope for the best.

No problem Balint. We do not anticipate any government grant.

People are free to use the system as they like. LingQ is a resource.I prefer to create LingQs as if there is no tomorrow and spend less time on Flash Cards. I find that I cannot “learn words properly”, and that the brain decides what to learn and when. by doing a lot of listening and reading and LingQing, and reviewing my yellow words in contexts, and occasionally reviewing flash cards, changing the odd example phrase etc. they all start to stick after a while. But the brain determines when.

Yes, it’s all good. Although I believe everyone has to find his own methods. What you described works for me too I just like to tweak things until they work even better. On-topic: as a programmer I know that Browsing, Editing, Adding and Deleting (called BEAD interface) is standard to every database driven application/website. If you reconsidered to put batch deleting back in action that would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

I’m considering to upgrade my account, but since I’m only going to use it to create new Lingq (for now) I’d like to ask, When you pay the u$s10, can you create Lingq only for that month or for good? What happends if after the first month I decide to go back to the free account? Will my Lingqs be deleted?

Yes, you only get to create more than 100 LingQs for the month you pay for. However, you don’t lose any LingQs when you downgrade to Free. I’m not sure why you would only want to create LingQs for one month but I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you get started! :wink:

The thing is that I’ll probably be busy this month so if it was all the same I was planning to upgrade immediately. I guess I’m going to wait a little bit.

Something I’d like to see is a Firefox Addon which enables you to manage vocabulary in any webpage, that would be great!

A bookmarklet to do that is in the works.