Why bother learning a language when Everyone in the world is learning English?

They measured it with EFSET, a standardised test EF are marketing by offering free sittings, and eventually sell licenses to. I would look for additional sources for language proficiency info.

I have no idea what morphology is.

That means you’re a lucky guy

This is such an admirable mindset to have when it comes to language learning. As for myself, a simple fact of being able to read any literary works and watch videos in the original version really exhilarates and keeps me going for a long, long time. Language learning is such a life-enriching adventure that I could possibly have.

as a english speaker i found the fact that in romance languages one verb or peopositin can express so many things which takes english 3 or 4 verbs to express like the verb llevar in spanish can mean to take to carry and to wear

Very nice post Ftornay, it’s always good to have an insight into your thoughts!


This video shows how an avarage Turkish laborer speaks English.

It’s not that bad. Better than many Canadian border service officers anyway!

Thanks, Terminator. I’m glad if it was useful

Have you ever thought about the different meanings of “get” or “set”, for example?

And, of course, English conflates “ser” and “estar” :wink:

yes that is why i have few conversation partners because they keep asking me why i learning this or that and it pisses me off so i dump them i don’t needto explain why i’m learning any language they contacted me i did not contact them lol lol

I worry about being able to speak in Czech and Poland. I was really excited to learn these languages… but was discouraged by people saying that it’s pointless and that it’s not useful unless you are so fluent they can’t tell you aren’t a native speaker. I know this is unrealistic because of the grammar (cases).

As a Pole, what do you think of this take? http://blogs.transparent.com/polish/do-poles-like-it-when-foreigners-learn-polish/

wow great article!

It’s called a power struggle. Everyone likes to practice their skills.

In my city, all the Russians and Ukrainians are glad to speak Russian with me. I don’t know they’re more likely to reciprocate, or the fact that they’re sort of a minority, and language is a good way to break the ice.

The Dutch pick up english so easy because it’s so closely related. add to that the constant exposure and you just cannot not speak at least a bit of english.

All the other languages I learn are because of interest in the culture and people.

Well, it all depends on what is your goal. If only A2-B1, I believe you can make it within a year or two. Then you will certainly surprise many Poles as it’s not that often to hear foreigners speak Polish here, unless they are Ukrainians. I’m convinced that reactions will only be positive :slight_smile: The article is a bit exaggerated. It’s true we are proud of our language and maybe a bit critical towards learners as if to prove that Polish is exceptional in its complexity, so you may be tested on tongue-twisters that is true and so common:) But it should be taken half-jokingly and certainly not personally. It’s like whenever you hear people say Polish is difficult or be tested on pronunciation or corrected maybe too much, it is not aimed at you in any way to discourage you, but it’s on the part of the Pole who just wishes to confirm his language pride.
We really admire those you take the effort to learn Polish and help them if we can.
However, if you aim to reach B2 level it will mean a lot of hard work and probably some stronger internal motivation, because as you mentioned, grammar cases will take longer to be mastered.
I’m not sure about Czechs, but from my experience our nations are quite close in terms of mentality, so it’s probably the same.

Thanks for the breakdown. I was thinking of spending another 6 months on Ukrainian and then start Polish because so many Ukrainians tell me that they know Polish and that it’s not impossible when you know Ukrainian. I’m sure the grammar is quite different but it doesn’t look that hard

Sure, once you are familiar with Ukrainian you have already made the first step:)

I just wish the Dutch weren’t so hostile and mean to foreigners who try speaking dutch to them… as the was the case when I visited Amsterdam many years ago.