Why automatically mark reviewed words as Known?

I’m struggling to understand the logic of why words are automatically marked as known. My assumption is that those words will no longer show up in vocabulary review which seems like a problem. It seems that if I review the same word a few times in the first day of adding it, it will automatically get marked as known, even though tomorrow or a week from now I might have no idea what it means.

I consider a word being known once I’m able to quickly produce it on my own without simply using recognition, and be able to write it correctly from just the English prompt.

I want to use this as my main spaced repetition flash card tool, but it seems overly generous in marking words as known. If simply being able to recognize a word four times leads to it being considered as known, then now I understand how people are able to reach 30,000 known words so easily.

Are my assumptions wrong? Is there a way to prevent the system from automatically marking words as known or at least require many more repetitions over a longer period of time before assuming I never need to see it again?

If I manually select a batch of known vocab for review, will it reduce the score if I mark flash cards as wrong, to get it back into the SRS system?

Thanks in advance

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When you review words, if you guess the same word correctly twice in a row, its status increases +1 automatically or decreased to -1 if you guess it wrongly twice in a row. That is how it always worked.

You can always manually adjust its status if you prefer so.

Right, the functionality is understandable. But I’d challenge the notion that any piece of vocabulary can go from being completely new to known in such a short period of time without considering long term retention.

Are you able to forward along a feature request? The problem to solve would be allow us to practice vocabulary without the phrases being automatically promoted multiple levels in such a short period of time. For example, it could limit the number of levels a piece of vocab can increase in one day, or have a setting that limits the max level that can be automatically set to as 4 instead of known.

Thanks for listening and for your hard work moderating this community!

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll forward it to development team.

It happens all the time…blue word to known…Often it is some conjugation of a verb that is obvious (like maybe you know the first person present form, and then come across 3rd person present form and the word looks very similar and you know the typical ending for 3rd person). Or some words may be similar to your native language word. Or, the word is obvious from context.

Your suggestion is valid though on automatic changes to known level.