Why are there no example sentences?

It only shows the phrase but not the original context. Why?

Are those maybe your manually imported terms?

Wazzzaaaaa Zoran. I had a look at the phrases in my vocab section and some of them have just the saved phrase (like the original post mentioned) and others had a longer phrase containing the saved phrase (as it should be). Sorting by creation date makes the entire thing even more confusing. It seems that the entries holding just the phrase without the context in the “source text” column come in chunks. There will be a bunch in a row that only have the saved phrase and then a bunch in a row that have more of the original context. I just tested by saving one phrase and it had the original context. I don’t import vocabulary separately.

Here is what I think is happening. I read both in the browser and on an Android device. I think in the browser the phrases are saved properly, but on the Android app they are not. This would fit very well with which devices I have been using and when. I can’t test this now because I don’t have the Android device with me. I did just test the iOS app on my phone by saving a phrase and it didn’t save anything to that field. Here is the first three phrases in my list, sorted for creation date

The first was made with the iOS app, the second in the browser, and the third with the Android app.

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That could be the problem. I used to read a lot on the desktop version but now I almost alway read on an android device. Would be great if LingQ fixes this because the context phrase is very important to me

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In the past we could modify the example sentency when creating a new lingq. I loved this feature and wish it could be possible again. It was very helpful.