Why are some lessons editable and others not?


Why is it that I can edit some lessons and not others? For example, I can edit the Chinese (Traditional) LingQ Mini Stories Story 6, but not the non-traditional Chinese version?

I can understand that you might prefer to freeze some lessons to avoid introducing new errors, but it seems inconsistent to freeze one version of a Mini Story and not the other.

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Yes, some lessons (mostly the Mini Stories) are locked and can’t be edited anymore. Eventually all the Mini Stories in all languages will be locked. There are still some exceptions (like the Chinese Traditional), but one by one all courses will be locked once when some final edits are made by admins.

OK, thanks. If we make some edit requests, will the admin’s consider them?

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I’m still making my way through the Italian ones and correcting the timestamps as I go - how long a window of opportunity do I have - or with the admins be correcting the timestamps themselves?

@wcon Sure, which stories you’d like to edit? Let me know and I can temporary enable editing there.

@WinterShaker No worries, I noticed that you are editing Italian stories and that you are doing good job there, so they will remain editable for now. When you go through them all you can just message me and let me know.

Cool. Looking at a couple of other languages I may be interested in later; Polish seems to be locked for editing but the timestamps are not yet fine-tuned, and Hebrew doesn’t seem to have timestamps at all.

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Thanks! If it is OK, I’d like to make a couple of edits in simplified Chinese LingQ Mini Stories, Story 6.

Login - LingQ

In European Spanish Lesson:
Login - LingQ
Classic version.
Please correct on second line:
dinero, (e ntonces) irá
dinero, (entonces) irá


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Just copy the text and import it as your own lesson.