Why am I not getting Lingqs of the Day?

I’ve returned to Lingq after a long time away, so maybe I’m just not remembering how everything works. I’m also starting with a new language. However I’m not getting a notification on Lingq to remind to do my Lingqs of the Day, and when I go to vocabulary - Due for Review (SRS) - Filters - SRS Date, the last date is May 14.

You were unsubscribed from our email system. You should start receiving them regularly again now.

How can I access my Lings of the Day when I’m using Lingq on the browser? I don’t want to receive email notifications. The problem is that when I go to my vocabulary and SRS Due for Review section at the top, and then filters, it only shows SRS dates for May. So did that mean that my Lingqs of the Day stopped getting generated since May?

Do you have Daily LingQs notifications enabled for your study language under the settings: Login - LingQ ?

I have the links of the day now! What did you do?

One thing I noticed was that whenever I checked the box to receive notifications I would reload the settings and it would be unchecked. This time when I went back it was still checked.

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