Why all imported content is deleted when canceling a membership


I wanted to know why all imported content is deleted if a membership on LingQ is cancelled. Since I am a student, during months when I know I won’t be on LingQ (like during final exams, for example), in the past I have chosen to suspend my membership for that month. When I do so, all my imported content for all my languages is deleted permanently. Why is this so? I don’t understand the motivation behind this, because we can’t even create more than 20 LingQ’s as non-paid members, so all this really does is make me have to re-upload all my content when I re-subsribe later on.

Storing the audio and texts costs them money. If you want them to store your stuff for you, you need to pay for it. Makes sense to me.


Hello bencohen,

When downgrading from Premium to a free account, you’re limited to 5 imports. But keep in mind that all your created LingQs are kept after downgrading.