Who's interested in a Japanese learning challenge?

“The Nature of Things”, a long running CBC TV program, is looking for beginners, or near beginners, who are willing to study Japanese in a lead up to the Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka October 18-20, (Redirecting...)

Those interested should contact the producer of the TV program, Eileen Thalenberg eileen at stormynights dot ca. In her words

“For our documentary we are planning to film at the Polyglot conference in Fukuoka .We know that a challenge has been put out for people to learn Japanese by the time they go to the conference. We are looking for anyone who is undertaking the study of Japanese, is a polyglot and would like to go to the conference in Japan. We’d like to observe their process of learning a new language (in this case Japanese).”

20 more Japanese mini-stories were uploaded today. 10 more have been received from our contractor and the final 10 promised in a few days. Soon we will have all 60!

Please try them if you are new to Japanese, or for any language. I have learned languages faster than ever using our mini-stories. I am speaking more comfortably in Farsi despite only really committing to it for a month, in combination with Arabic, and only having 1,500 known words than I did in Czech after 8 months and prior knowledge of Russian. Needless to say I still need to learn a lot of words to really be able to access authentic material but the repetitive listening, reading and review of these mini-stories is powerful.


Let’s see if this works.

I’d be interested, but I’m not a polyglot. This is my first time learning a new language.

I suggest you contact her if you are interested. Go for it.

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I can’t wait to use the ministrories in Japanese, that’s great!

About the Japanese challenge I could be interested because I’m still a very beginner, but I don’t think I’d have time enough…

Oh man. I’d be so into this if Japanese were on my list of languages to learn in the “near” future. French, Russian, or Chinese and I would be on this like white on rice.

I gave it a shot and they turned me down due to not being a polyglot.

Just in case anyone else was wondering.

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And what do they consider to be a polyglot?