Who wants to travel to the US?

BBC News - Why US liberals are now buying guns too Why US liberals are now buying guns too - BBC News

After I read the above article, I wrote, “Who wants to travel to the US?”
I wanted to show my feelings in a rhetorical question. But do you think that this is a rhetorical question? What is the fundamental difference between rhetorical questions and ordinary questions?

"No official figures are kept on US gun ownership. About 35% of American households have a firearm - down from just over half in 1978, according to recent polling

55% of Republican-supporters say they have a gun in the house, compared with 32% of Democrats, according to research by PRRI

Hillary Clinton campaigned for tougher background checks and a ban on those on terror watch lists gaining access to firearms

This was seen by the National Rifle Association, which reportedly spent more than $26m on pro-Donald Trump’s TV ads, as an attack on the Second Amendment of the US constitution which declares ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’"

I thought this was a question to the board and I was going to welcome anybody from lingq who wanted to come and visit New York city. I would enjoy a language learning meet up of sorts. Sadly, this was a bummer of thread talking about how people don’t want to come to my country :frowning: I promise we aren’t all as bad as unpresidented donny tiny hands.



If you think America is a little gun-crazy you’d just love Israel!

I always remember how, in Jerusalem at age 16, I couldn’t quite believe that I had a tour guide who was wittering on about archaeology, etc, while openly carrying a 9mm Uzi. True story.

These two young boys do not know what they are complaining about…Trump’s effect.

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I would love to live in the US. Overall it is the best country in the world by a long shot imo. It is such a shame liberals want to ruin it

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I don’t think I’d say it’s the best country in the world; I don’t know if that criteria exists… However I am deeply grateful that I was lucky enough to be born in this county. Liberals don’t want to ruin it, they want to make it better. Even if you think their policy positions would ruin the country, doesn’t mean they have the desire to ruin it. Their intent is to make things better just as it is the intent of the conservatives. We just disagree on HOW to do it.

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A great example of Europeans being sensational about Americans being sensational.

I lived 12 years in the South of the United States. I’ve never seen a gun that wasn’t held by a law enforcement officer or by military personnel in person. People have guns, but they are locked up in their homes. Some people don’t follow proper protocol. We call these people rednecks. If you’re following the typical tourist route (NYC - Miami - LA) you probably won’t meet these people.

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I have often traveled in the US and have never seen a privately owned firearm. Mostly I am met by friendly, well meaning, if somewhat overly well fed people. The kind of nastiness I saw from Trump and some of his supporters on TV is not representative of my experience in the US. On the other hand, some of the talk show radio that you can pick up while driving plays loose with facts and what I would consider common sense.

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Just avoid these states and you’ll be fine. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a3/US_map-The_South_Modern_.png/300px-US_map-The_South_Modern_.png

I don’t understand what Jpsem22 wanted to say. Whom does “two young boys” refer to? What did he try to say about “Trump’s effect”?

What tried to say is…this kind of behaviour, looks juvenile…and its very common after Trumps win.

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Ain’t that a lil’racist ma boy for saying to not visit the south? No one ever says," Don’t visit Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, or Syria, because of (Insert random cause or violent action)." Classifying, labeling, and segregating people will only result in a divided nation or should I say a further divided nation.

Ain’t calling Southerners “rednecks” the same as calling African American people the N word? Which would mean you are a racist or at the most a race baiter, am I wrong in my analysis of your words?

Gun Violence Archive (GVA)

You are correct. That’s why it was a joke. The bigger issue why any foreign tourists would actually want to travel to the bible belt when they come to the U.S.

More like avoid the inner cities of eg. Oakland, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and the list goes on…:stuck_out_tongue:

You have proven your reading comprehension level to be only moderately above that of a third grader, yes.

Well…Looks like this is shaping up to be a productive thread.