Who is willing to speak with me?

Hi everybody.

Are any native English speakers willing to speak with me? You know, I would like to improve my spoken English. Thank you very much for your help.

I want to chatting with anybody my Skype is Ahmedyahia555

I’m a native English speaker! My Skype name is the same as my username. Just add me if you want to talk!

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Hello there! I want to help learners of the english language, but my equipment isn’t functionally at the moment. I’m trying to get it fixed and hope to speak to you in english.

hello OzzyHellBack. nice to meet you. i’m from vietnam. i’m learning english so i’m very happy to talk to you.i hope you will help me. thank you. my skype is chinhchinh

Hello everybody,

I need someone to practice with me speaking English on Skype, If you are interest, here is my Skype ID : eng.mohammad.mustafa85
I am looking forward to hearing from u :slight_smile: