Who is She? (그 여자분이 누구예요?) Part 1 Lesson Notes

Conversation and Translation

안녕하세요. 무엇을 도와 드릴까요?

Hello. What can I do for you? (1)

저는 김은정라고 합니다.

My name is Kim Eun Jeong. (2)

안녕하세요? 반갑습니다.

How do you do? Glad to meet you.

네 반갑습니다.

Glad to meet you too

친구분 성함이 어떻게 되세요?

What is your friend’s name? (3)

걔 이름은 이지혜요.

My friend’s name is Lee Ji-hye . (4)

두분 다 반갑습니다.

Nice to meet both of you.


  1. 도와 드릴까요 = Shall I help you / Can I help you?
  • 2 verbs and 2 types of conjugations
  • 돕다 = to help
  • 드리다 = to give (to an honorific subject)
  • 돕 (stem) + 어/아 (verb-verb conjugation pattern) = 도와
    *드리 (stem) + 을까요 (‘shall I?’ conjugation pattern) = 드릴까요?
    (to an honorific subject)

x라고 합니다 = is called x
(in this situation the pronoun ‘I’ is not required as it’s obvious the person is talking about themselves)

친구분 = friend (+ honorific person 분)

이 is the subject marker in 성함이 (name)

x가/ㅣ 어떻게 되세요 = polite way of asking what something is. The regular way is x가/이 뭐에요?

*걔 is a very common word that two friends may use to refer to each other if they’re close. It’s an abbreviation of 그애 = that person (intimate)

은 is the subject marker in 이름은. Think of it as meaning ‘as for’ (as for her name)

This is great. Thanks for the lesson and the notes. I think this would be great if it were part of the lesson notes that are accessible directly from the lesson itself. I have posted as a comment from the lesson. I suggest that you do so as well in the future if you agree.

Thanks again.