Who is following me?

I can see a list of people I am following, but how do I view or create a list of those following me?


I don’t think you can. I think the ‘follow’ feature on here is pretty useless. I have followed a good number of people because I want to see how people progress and give them encouragement when something happens, but nothing comes out of it. Maybe you CAN see events happening and I just am too blind to see it! D:


Same thing here

Maybe the upcoming version will fix that??? ^^

I follow a group of people and it’s just a list to quickly find them and see how they’re doing. I also know that people who follow me can receive notifications if I post conversation times or sth like that. But besides that I haven’t been noticing/paying attention to this function.

Итак я надеюсь!

That’s a good answer. I just think if we were to have a social media style feature, make it a bit more convenient than as ‘fluff’.

On an unrelated note, I do appreciate people like Evgueny going out of his way to let people know he has a new lesson. I’m pretty sure one has to do that manually.