Which superpower would you want, Flight or Invisibility? A new English language offering for advanced English speakers!

Flight or invisibility? That is the question in act one of this podcast. I’ve uploaded an episode from very well known podcast in the United States called This American Life. The links can be found down below. It is separated into three parts and is best for advanced English learners. The episode has to do with the theme “superpowers.”

The podcast asks this question, which superpower would you rather have, flight or invisibility? I am interested to hear which superpower the lingQ community will choose!

Part One: http://tinyurl.com/29e33a8
Part Two:http://tinyurl.com/29vzc63
Part Three: http://tinyurl.com/2emgm32

Hi James, it’s allways great to have new stuff on LingQ.

But did you get the permission to use it on LingQ? There seems to be a copyright on the podcast. I cannot imagine that they give the permission because they sell older episodes on iTunes.

A suggestion: Try to create collections and put all lessons that belongs together in one collection.