Which portable device for LingQ

I have been using LingQ almost exclusively on a high-end Windows laptop. I also have it installed on my Samsung S10, but find the little screen to be limited for my fat fingers and old eyes. I am thinking of buying a second device for web surfing, email reading, and language learning while travelling, so that I can leave my rather expensive laptop at home.
Among the devices I’m considering are an Amazon Fire 10, an iPad or iPad Air, a Chromebook, and an inexpensive Windows tablet. I already have a nice portable bluetooth keyboard.
What device(s) would you find best suited for LingQ?

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I think iPads are always the way to go. I have had some experience with older Amazon Fires and it always felt a little slow. but with todays technology you probably couldn’t go wrong with any of these devices.


I use an iPad and I am very happy with it. But I cannot say anything about the other devices you mentioned.


I am having the same thoughts at the moment as well. I’m thinking of buying an ipad mini basically for use with LingQ and watching Netflix in foreign languages.

The ipad mini is more expensive than the entry level ipad is now but I just like the idea of being able to hold the mini in one hand, it taking up less space and being able to slip it into the front pocket of the hoodie I wear whilst getting the bus and stuff. I don’t think I would lose any functionality going with the mini as I probably won’t be doing much typing/using an apple pencil.

I’m also gonna look at the Amazon device, it’s appealing cause it’s so much cheaper, but I reckon I’ll get so many productive hours out of Netflix and LingQ that it’ll justify the price difference to have a real nice display/operating system etc.

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I just use a cheap Android tablet and it works great.

The only one I would caution you on is Fire. Last I checked LingQ doesn’t keep the Fire app updated and it’s a really stripped down version of the app too. The work around is to get Google Play onto the Fire and download the app that way. It can be done; it’s just an extra step.

Since you use S10, check Samsung Tab tablets. For example S6, which is an expensive but powerful option with a gorgeous screen.
Also, consider giving S10 away and buying Note 10+, it has an even bigger screen. I recently bought Note 10 and like it very much.

If it’s for use with LingQ, I recommend an iPad. Our iOS app is always just a bit more advanced than our Android app. We are trying to catch the Android app up but it is proving to be a challenge. We also don’t have a tablet view yet on Android. Long term we would hope they can be more closely aligned but, today, I recommend an iPad.


I would like to say that the Android app is working well on my tablet. I have a Samsung S5e and the app works great as it is today. I don’t think you need to change it for tablets only.

Good to know it works well for you. We had some users giving bad reviews because don’t have a tablet view for Android. We still do hope to add it some day.


I wonder what they are talking about when they say “tablet view.” Maybe it’s because you can’t get a landscape view?