Which PC?

I’m beginning to get fed up with not having internet access when I’m travelling to and fro. I’d like to buy a laptop but have NO idea what to go for. My main requisites are being able to do my LingQing, to play Spider Solitaire (I know I sound a very sad person), and I’d also like to run Microsoft’s Professional package. I have a limited budget and no knowledge of computers. Any clean suggestions?

If I were you, I’d get a Macbook. That’s what I’m planning to get.

I think she said she was on a budget.
Try this

What is very convenient if you travel is a net book. We have an Asus EEE (10") for this purpose.
The advantages are:

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s small
  • It’s light
  • It could run with Linux or Windows

You need an external DVD drive to install other programs (but it is not expensive).
The keys are maybe smaller.
The display is smaller. Less than 10" is inconvenient.

But keep in mind that the licences for the programs maybe more expensive than the net book itself.

I think it is very easy to use.

Thank you all! My greying grey cells have some investigating to do.

The first thing you should decide- a Windows PC or a Mac. If to date you used WinPC, changing to Mac could be pointless effort for you.

Of course pay attention the laptop has WLAN and Bluetooth, then it will be a good mate by travelling and communication with other devices like mobile phones, iPod, iPone and so on.

My finger is poised over the “add to shopping cart” for this netbook:

I figure it would add at least an hour a day to my available LingQ time, even on camping holidays!

Oooh, it’s so tempting!

It’s done! I followed the advice of the majority of you, let Helen press my finger and have bought a netbook. I shall have to book lessons with each of you to discuss how to use it! Now I’ll put on the kettle, have a nice cup of tea and then start bashing my head against the wall to make up for my impulsiveness…

Congratulations on your purchase, Sanne! Enjoy the new device by LingQing!

Thank you. I shall certainly book a technical session with Vera if she agrees to my picking her brain for quarter of an hour and would really like to talk to each of you. (I have some points to burn)

If you will have technical questions feel free ask me per Skype (junairs)

The downside of a Netbook is that it’s more likely to break down faster than a Laptop, especially if you’re travelling a lot to and fro.

Susanne you beat me to it! Not to be outdone, I placed my order today. I’m too cheap to pay for a fast delivery option so it may arrive by camel train.

Now I have to work out how not to break it by slinging it in my handbag and carrying it around wherever I go ;-D Any advice Vincent?

Should Steve apply for commission at Amazon?