Which Order for Lessons

HI, I am new here and just wondered if there is any sort of order to the lessons - in order to progress or do you just randomly choose a lesson at your chosen level. Many thanks

The lessons are actually ordered in the Library. You can click on “My level” or choose one from any other category.

Hi, Thanks

As Junair has said, if you have evaluated your level accurately, the My Level shelf in the library should consist of content at your level. As to the order, I would suggest choosing the first item in any collection and working through the collection. Some content items are available in the English library as well, in English and in other languages. These include, Who is She, Greetings and Goodbyes, Eating Out. They can be a good place to start since you can see the translation.

Remember that you do not need to nail down on lesson before moving on to the next. The important thing is to let the language, and the word and phrases, flow in. Things will get clearer over time.