Which one are you?

It was a dark night , cold but not quite ,i was on my chair setting hold and tight , serving YouTube for you know he is sort of an erudite .

Guess ! guess ! what i have found ! , it was a video who thought in mind ? ! .

ok , let me just stop here . But seriously

what do you think about my penmanship ?

genuine genius !

they said scornfully .

So , yes mr. steve talked in that video about how he is a dilettante and how he likes to explore new language . He also said that he could improve and revamp the area of weakness in these language , but he just prefers to ‘’ maneuver ‘’ instead of just focusing on what he have .
For me it is different , i like to reach that level of proficiency where i can read literature and understand the natives -tow of the major reasons why i learn new languages - then i am ought to move . And i am currently learning my third , the beautiful language of Japanese .

But you know i t is not compulsory , every one has his way .

What about you then ? what type are you ?

Which man are you?

The kind of man that encounters some of the weirdest, finest ,smartest and mots Honorable people ever.
It depends .
that said
what type are you ?