Which level to start and when to move on


This may be a very obvious question and if so, I apologize in advance. I have just started with LingQ learning Spanish, and just wanted to know are you supposed to complete all the lessons in each level before moving to the next? It looks like there are hundreds of lessons, for example in the Beginner 1 stage, so should I do all of these before moving to Beginner 2? And if not, when do I know when to move on to Beginner 2.

Thanks in advance.

I hope you enjoy your LingQ experience! Just do whatever you feel comfortable with. Many here tend to explore higher levels from time to time and then have a peep at a previous lower one, just to check the progress we’ve made. It is up to you!

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In my case , I studied 2 months basic 1 in English, but I didn’t do all the lessons in English of basic 1. So, I get used to this kind of lessons and I jumped to intermediate 2. But I’m beginner learner yet. I mean, currently I do lessons of A1 to B2. I think each stage of lessons is useful. No matter your level.

If you’re not a true beginner, I say start a level above what you think your level is so you’ll be challenged and find the material interesting.

Just be sure to know it may be a bit difficult for you and you might have to go down a level if it’s too hard.

Move on to the next level when you’re comfortable. You can always do a mix of levels, like 75% easier and 25% harder, when you want to move on. It’s not like the lessons are going to go anywhere, so you can go back and forth as much as you like.

" are you supposed to complete all the lessons in each level before moving to the next?"

Not if you value your sanity. For most Lingq languages your understanding will go up to the next level long before you run out of lessons to study. Move up when you find yourself running low on blue words, or getting bored. Move down if the lessons are looking like a sea of blue, and your brain is hurting.

It’s fine to move up and down (and up and down again) between the levels as you feel like it.

Hi everyone, thanks heaps for the feedback! This makes things a bit more clear for me. I’m pretty excited to get started!

Go back and forth, easy to hard, hard to easy. Everyday, I do a little of both. In the morning, I will start with an easy conversation that is on or below my level, and then later on I will try to challenge myself by reading an advanced intermediate Fontane novel. Do whatever your brain feels like doing at the moment, as sometimes you will have the urge to tackle a difficult text, and sometimes you won’t.