Which languages are most popular and which countries have the biggest number of LingQ'ers?

I’ve taken a short look at the Activity Leaders list. By the way, regrettably, there is no many serious LingQ’ers from Poland :(, my country. And now I wonder if it will be possible to know answers to the questions from the title. Steve, Mark can you give us a list of most popular languages at LingQ, meaning, which languages we learn the most. I assume that English is number one, is it? Yet, which is next and which is at the end of the list? Second list, a list of countries in order of total LingQ users. I think that it could be interesting to know, in rough numbers, where are we from? and what are we learning? here at LingQ as a languages learning community. What do you think? Is it possible to take the information out of the system and present it here? Of course I will understand if you say that that is impossible because of any reason :slight_smile:

I actually would be really interested to know this as well. I was wondering this to myself the other day. :slight_smile:

Interesting question!!! I’m freak of statistics, the bad thing is once I start I can’t stop trying to analyze all the data haha.

Czesc’ gregloby, witamy na lingq. I believe somebody asked that question about a year ago. I will see if I can find that link or maybe someone reading this forum will let us know.
Jednocsesnie chcialbym powiedziec, ze kocham polska.
Przepraszam, jesli popelniaja bledy, ja jestem zardzewiale, bo nie dosc praktyce.
do zobaczenia pozniej!

You will find the information here:http://www.lingq.com/learn/de/forum/1/5668/
from Feb. 9.

Thank you Gary for the link, it’s not exactly what I’d like to know, the data is from an external analytics system not from the LingQ’s data, however it’s very interesting and it’s next to the info which I’m interested in. Yet, my fault, I should find the page before, it’s not so old thread
Witaj Ruben, it’s nice ‘to hear’ Polish language on LingQ. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam.