Which Language Should I Learn Next Based on STUDY ABROAD

This map shows the countries that I will most likely see myself study abroad-ing in based on current state of affairs, opportunities, friends, etc. Of course, I will probably only have the money/time to go to one or two destinations, but in red are countries I really want to study abroad in, orange yes, yellow less so but yes, and unfortunately due to lack of opportunities/war/too similar to USA (aka Canada), my first choice of study abroad probably won’t be the green/blue countries.

1.) For those of you who had experience living in another country what was the experience like and would you recommend me to go there? It is your chance to change the colors on this map and convince me to go somewhere else I may not have wanted to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

2.) If I’m currently considering Turkish, Greek, Persian, Arabic, Italian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, or Thai as my next language, which one should it be and why would you recommend that based on your personal experience? I have no idea what my next language should be.

TLDR: Please read everything above! Stop having a short attention span

Well, the only one I can appreciate from a personal perspective is Spain. It’s awesome and I recommend it because it’s a nice country with a great history, friendly people, and Spanish is a fantastic language that is useful in 20 countries and the US.

However, if you are studying abroad for school purposes, you might want to ask which of these countries will assist you in your career.

Spain is indeed an amazing place to study.

As a second option perhaps I could recommend Belgium:


You can learn French and Dutch :slight_smile:
Great location from which to explore other European countries


The weather