Which language are you studing at LingQ?

Just my curiosity… which languages are you studing at LingQ?
I study english and a bit of japanese. And… where are the Portuguese students?


We all have to promote the site. Unfortunately it has taken so long to finalize many of the features in LingQ and we still have work to do. But we also have to tell the world that we exist.

As to which languages, with me it is Russian and Portuguese. I will be listening to your voice a lot over the next few weeks.

French at the moment. I’m starting Danish in a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to content for that in the future.

French for the time being. I am living and working in Paris so I need to be competent in this language.

I study Japanese too but mainly outside this site as the Japanese functions aren’t ready yet.

I will be moving to Germany soon so I hope to use Lingq to also improve my German in the future!

As far as the other languages go (e.g Chinese, Russian), I am always tempted to start them but am trying to concentrate on the above ones for now.

Englisch and I am really happy for finding LingQ because my improvement was fast. I know I have to learn vocabularies but in an older brain it is going not so fast.
My desire is to refresh up my French too.
Perhaps I can help people they want to learn German because I am one.

Mainly I study English and I just start to study Portuguese. I’m Japanese but I live & work in Spain. In my work, sometimes I have to communicate with Portuguese people but always I speak in Spanish and they answer in Portuguese. We understand each other because usually we talk about certain term. Someday I would like to talk with them in Portuguese. Is there much difference between Portuguese in Brazil and Portuguese in Portugal?

I use vocabulary section of Spanish even though I don’t study Spanish. When I read Spanish newspaper, I use vocabulary section as a dictionary. In that way, I look for the meaning of the words and at the same time I create my vocabulary list. So for me, Linq is much better than The Linguist.

Now I study English only. I’m also Japanese. I like a singer named Gloria Estefan who sing in English and Spanish. So I’ll try to learn Spanish in future.

There is differences between Portuguese in Brazil and Portuguese in Portugal. Some words that are used in Portugal are not used in Brazil and vice-versa. Also the pronunciation isnt exactly the same. But it is the same language, you just should focus or in Brasilian Portuguese or Portuguese Portuguese…

It’s like British English and American English or Spanish in Spain and Spanish in Center-South America?

I study English and French. I am a Japanese. I would like to learn Spanish when I have confidence in my French.
As for French learning, I import some articles from RFI

I will start reading “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours” in the near future.
We can download the audio-files from LibriVox

You can find your interesting story from LibriVox. Please visit this site!

If you do import content from Librivox, please share it with the rest of us!:slight_smile: I’m studying German and Japanese, by the way. Unfortunately, not as much as I should! Too busy working on the system to use it!

I´m studying English and starting my adventure in French. I used to speak in Japanese with my family when I was a child and I studied it for 8 years but now I hardly can remember kanjis.

By the way, Yasuko, you´re right!! It´s just like British and American English. We have different accent and some different words and expressions, I´m not sure about the grammar rules. But normally the difference is very slight and you should not find big troubles.

hi all, I am brazilian and I am trying to learn swedish here, not sure if I will be able to do it as i dont know much about it and it seems i am the only one here interested in this scandinavian language, if anyone wants to talk about swedish language, that would be nice

Hi Yasuko, besides a different pronunciation and different idiom, Brazilian spelling differs from European Portuguese. This is due to a spelling renewal, called Acordo Ortográfico, which was implemented in 1990 and altered in 1998 in Brazil. Originally it had been agreed to be a renewal for all Portuguese speaking countries, but outside of Brazil it has not been implemented because some countries have not ratified it yet. (Source of information: Dutch Wikipedia)

Hi Mairo, Steve and People,

I love Japanese and I’m studying it in this site. I’m not working at the moment and I’m foccusing in studying this language, because my objective is to live in Japan, working and improving as much as I can this language. In the future, I plan to be a Japanese translater.
But now I’am just an elementary student.
I believe on this site’s method (reading, listening, and vocabulary).
Congratulations Mr. Steve. In a near future I plan to be a tutor of Portuguese and help your site with dialogues, if you want.
Congratulations Mairo, your website had motivated me a lot for not to abort my japanese studies.

Parabéns Mairo também. Seu site me motivou bastante a não desistir tão facilmente dos estudos de japonês.
Sorry my poor english.
See you,

I’m French Canadian living in South korea. I study korean. I haven’t had time to study much over the last 3 + months but i still pay for lingq =p…

What is =p ?

its its like a smiley face =) … except its a tongue sticking out =p … just my own habit … i havent seen many other people using it…

I see. Thanks.

Lots of German and some Spanish. I also import Amharic and a bit of modern Greek into language slots of languages that I am not learning!