Which headphone do you use to listen to the sound of the pronunciation?

Initially, I had problems listening it wasn’t clear on my system. So I bought a good quality headphone from a store in Toronto that really helped me out. I really thought I should share it with this group so that you all can use good quality earphones or headphones. -

Thanks for the tip - also consider checking out using lingq and using the system and then give some more feedback.

Personally, I listen whenever I get a chance to, however - in particular - I like listening in crowded noisy places with my cheap but practical ear buds that are sometimes really tough to listen to.

Gives me real world practice.

However, if I really want crisp and clear - my Bose QC-15s are one of the best things I have ever purchased in my life.

I think a discussion about headphones on here would be quite interesting. These are in fact one of the main language learning tools that we use and getting a good pair is a big advantage. After testing with cheap headphones and expensive headphones, I came to the conclusion that I like to spend around 50 euros on a pair of headphones, plus or minus 10 euros.

I still have never tried any of these wireless bluetooth devices. What do people think about them? Are there any that can be worn while doing excercise?

I’ve had a few pairs of Motorola S10 bluetooth headphones that I really liked but they eventually stopped working. They don’t seem to last that long unfortunately. Granted I work out with them so they are getting sweated on and worn outside in the rain on occasion. I also had a pair of Yurbuds that were terrible. The sound would cut in and out if my phone was in my pocket. Would love a good suggestion for a workout proof pair of bluetooth headphones.

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I agree with you iaing. How long have you been using it?

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Ok Mark, but I hope you draw the line at back bacon.

I’ve had the QC-15s for about 6 years. Went through the headband cushion a few years ago - but ordered new cushions and good as new.

The beauty of these is that you can put noise cancelling ear bids inside the QC-15 - a bomb could go off beside you and you wouldn’t hear it.

Marshall, nice ones.