Which accent is clearer and more comprehensible to you?

The audio clip attached is based on the following paragraph:

"A theory is built upon one or more hypotheses, and upon evidence. The word “built” is essential, for a theory contains reasoning and logical connections based on the hypotheses and evidence. Thus we have Newton’s theory of gravity and the motion of planets, Einstein’s theory of relativity, the germ theory of disease, the cell theory of organisms, plate tectonics, the valence theory of chemical compounds, and theories of evolution in biology, geology, and astronomy. These theories are self-consistent and consistent with one another.

Construction of good theories is a major goal of science."

Accent 1: Sounds like a very normal Western American accent.
Accent 2: British accent, sounds more or less genuine to me.
Accent 3: Not sure what the goal of this one was. He sounds like a British man trying to speak with an American accent, but occasionally the British accent comes through.

The second syllable of the word ‘organisms’ is mispronounced in all three. He pronounces it like in ‘organic’ but I have only ever heard it pronounced like in ‘organ.’

Oh yes, you’re quite right! Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile: Do you think the 1st accent would qualify for a Neutral (American) accent?

Yeah, I would definitely say it’s neutral. I’m from Vancouver, and to me the first accent literally has no accent at all to my ears, it sounds completely domestic.

The first sounds like a “standard” American accent if there is such a thing
The second sounds like an American person TRYING to do an English accent. it’s decent i guess, but you can definitely tell the individual speaking is not from England. at points it sounds a bit like Ross trying to do an English accent in friends :stuck_out_tongue:
The thirds sounds more similar to the first than the second.