Where's the lesson forum?

In the free version I was able to access a forum for each lesson. Now I don’t see it, only the tutorial is available in the “lesson resources”. Is it not available for all lessons?
How to I ask a lesson-specific question then?
Thank you,

@dnmtsn - In the major update last year, we changed the way this was handled. Now, instead of being attached to specific lessons, any posts that exist will show up in the Ask Your Tutor window in the dashboard when viewing yellow saved words: http://screencast.com/t/JRHUdWSAT5

This change allows these posts to be seen in more places, as often the question isn’t specific to one lesson but rather to a word or phrase that may appear in multiple lessons.

My apologies, you actually can access this forum by clicking on the dropdown next to Study Resources at the top of the dashboard. It will show if there are any questions related to words in that lesson, and there is also a direct link to ask on the forum about the lesson you are viewing. Hope this helps clear things up!

I am sorry, but this is not the case. It looks as if only if a question related to the lesson was asked before, there will be a forum for the respective lesson.
For example, I am in this lesson:

and I would like to ask a question about the expression “wo du gerade bist” that is used in the lesson. But there is no forum link available under “resources”.

Could you please indicate where can I ask the question? before I subscribed, there were forum links for all lessons, now they’re gone. Ideally I would prefer to have a forum link available in each lesson, this would make asking questions much easier. If you had this feature and it was removed, that’s really a pitty!

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Dan, you are showing us your workdesk URL which we cannot access.

But, as to the lesson forum having vanished, I just checked in one of my French lessons and could not find a link anywhere, either.

Perhaps someone else has solved the mystery of the vanishing forum link and can help us? It really was very easy to use.

sorry, didn’t realize that
this is the lesson I was refering to
Alltagssituationen für Beginner I und II (Daily situations for beginner I and II) > Notruf 110 und 112 in Deutschland
But it doesn’t seem to make any difference, forum links are missing everywhere.

@dnmtsn - I see, let me take a closer look here and get back to you about this.

@dnmtsn It turns out that the workdesk URL info I gave you is obsolete. The system is now smart enough to deal with it and so we can all have a look at your lesson via the link you gave.

(Thanks, Alex, for your message!)