Where/how do I send personal messages?

I can’t see how I do to send a personal message to another member of LingQ. Is the only way of communication thorugh the forum or Skype? If so, please consider a personal message or instant messages system on the site. It would be very useful!

Furthermore, I have difficulties overall to understand how the site/system works. Anyone who can help me out? I want to learn Portuguese (preferrably European Portuguese).

Thank you!

See http://lingq.pbworks.com/

Here is a preview of the multilanguage introduction with recording that we are planning to put up. Let me know if this makes it clearer.

I feel really stupid today, haha! It didn’t make it clearer, I mean, I understand the concept but I don’t know how to start and what to do really… I understand Portuguese quite well in written (and spoken - slowly) form but the challenge for me is to write myself and of course - talk. Any suggestions on what I should do?

I didn’t find any info regarding sending messages to other members though? Steve, help me! :slight_smile:

And another question: do you earn points by being a tutor? What commitments are there for tutors? I might be interested in tutoring in Swedish, but I’m not sure how it works since I don’t understand a lot at all as you might have noticed already.

LingQ system of learning is based on a lot of listening and reading and vocabulary learning as should be clear from all of the instruction.

If you want to write and have your writing corrected, or if you want to speak with a native speaker, you need to buy points. Unfortunately, right now we do not have any active Portuguese tutors.

You can post on other people’s walls. You can ask them for their skype and email information. We do not have any private messaging between members.

Re tutoring please check out the LingQCentral blog FAQs and look for the tutors’ manual.


Ok, thank you for your fast reply! I just discovered the walls :slight_smile: I’m sad to hear that there are no Portuguese tutors. Does that mean that there will be no new Portuguese content uploaded? I find mostly old podcasts in Brazilian Portuguese.

Get on our Portuguese language forum and ask for a tutor. We have lots of Brazilian members, and some Portuguese. At this point in our development it is sort of chicken and egg. Tutors post discussions and if no one shows up they stop. You will find the same for Swedish. We are doing things that we hope will remedy this situation.

We are continuing to produce our Portuguese podcasts which are from Portugal. I do not know how advanced you are, but I listen a lot to the podcasts from Portugal put out by TSF. Unfortunately there are no transcripts.