Where to start

I am not a beginner for English learning but I am new for LingQ. where should I start to be effective? I think I am at intermediate level but there are many information about LingQ for the beginner so I started by the simple lessons for the seek of the information. Do I need to follow the same rule for leaning English on LingQ or just lesson to them once and skip?. what do you advise me.

Read anything that interests you and that you can understand with the help of LingQs. You can read and listen to lessons from any level in the LingQ library. The main thing is to understand. Read lessons only once if you want to. Sometimes you will want to read and listen to a lesson quite a few times. If you can understand a lesson easily, you can use it to look in a bit more detail at how English is used. You will definitely improve your English by listening and reading a lot, whether you listen to each lesson many times, a few times, or only once.

By the way, I am Australian and live in Addis Ababa. My Amharic is not nearly as good as your English. I live at Kolfe Atena Tera. Where do you live? I am a 71 year-old grandmother. I often get addressed as Mother, or something like that, in the street.

By the way, the lesson linked to in the ‘Is common use ‘very’ meaning ‘own’? Because I heard ‘very’ …’ thread could be helpful to you. It is about how to use LingQ.

dear Ginkgo58 thank you very much for your advise, it is really very helpful. some times it is boring to repeat same lesson may time. Great to hear that you leave in Addis, I also leave in Addis at Bole bulbula, it is new residential area around Bole airport.