Where to find coins and repair streak button

Given that LingQ has switched over from a daily lingq target to a daily coin target, I can’t actually find the total amount of coins that I actually have collected. Not only this, but I also can’t find the repair streak button, which is what I always used the coins for. In the previous versions, they were always visible from the homepage, so I was wondering if this might actually be visible somewhere and I just can’t find it.


To add on to this, I got an email for a lost streak. That’s fairly standard, but when you click to repair it, it just sends you to the LingQ homepage and doesn’t open a prompt to repair your streak like it used to do with v4.0. So that might want to be looked at potentially as well?

When I first got the latest version I was delighted to find that I could listen to a lesson and at the same time watch the text which automatically scrolled down to keep pace with the voice recording. Really good idea, Now the text does not scroll down to keep up with the voice recording. What do I need to do to get the text and voice recording to be in sync again?


Thanks for letting us know, we will look into it.

Is the repair streak button still available? I was looking for it today, but couldn’t see it.

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Same here… I need the repair button…

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First time you login to your account after your streak gets broken, you will see the popup asking you to repair it.

Thanks Zoran, I have to admit I didn’t see a popup come up when I logged in the next day (it would have been 4 days ago - I had a 953 streak up till then).

I fixed your streak manually.

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Your question likely will not get answered as it is unrelated to the original poster’s thread. If you want an answer to a query, post a new thread, that always gets separate attention.

[ In previous days we used to call this “hijacking a thread” over which some could get really angry :slight_smile: ]

FYI, the text only scrolls if time-stamps were assigned. The original person importing can do that easily. For the shared use of someone else’s lesson you would have to do it line by line, sentence by sentence. Normally, that is a bit of a hassle. Hope this helps.

I’ve never seen that popup.