Where Should I Start With Spanish?

I previously joined LingQ, but was not able to devote significant time to it and cancelled my membership. I just rejoined and this time I am committed to making the most of my membership. My problem is that I do not know where to start. I am studying Spanish and it seems like there is an endless offering of LingQ’s, which, while good, is also somewhat intimidating. I am the sort of person that just wants somebody to tell me “study this and you will succeed.” In that vain, I am curious where I should start with Spanish. I have studied on my own for about 16 months, and would gauge my level as low intermediate. I started with Spanish LingQ #1 “Humberto, un ingeniero de petróleos de Venezuela” last night. I understood about 80% of the written content, but the audio was much more difficult . Maybe I just need to spend more time with it as I realize that there are no shortcuts in language learning. However, if anybody has suggestions on where to start, I would love to hear them.
Thank you.
Chris Phillips


I hope some of our Spanish tutors and providers will also add their advice, but here is mine.

Remember that your goal is to expose yourself to Spanish, by reading and listening, and by saving words and phrases for review, and then reviewing them. That is the fastest way to learn, in my experience. All of this activity will be beneficial.

You are more likely to spend the necessary time studying if you focus on what you like doing, and on content that you like. I would not worry too much about grammar. There is lots of time for that later. If you are stuck or curious about grammar, you can always ask on our forum or even google for something (Spanish verbs for example).

To find content of interest, I would click on the top shelf in the Library to select your desired level. In your case, from what you say, start at Beginner 2 or Intermediate 1. Choose items from different content providers in order to decide which ones you like the best. If you find a content provider whom you especially like, you can search for more content from that provider. Later you can move on to others.

The main thing is to listen and read a lot and acquire words and phrases. When you are ready, you can submit writing or sign up for a discussion with a tutor.

That is all there is to it. It really works. Just relax and enjoy.

Hi Cris,

As a Spanish tutor I am completely agree with Steve. In my opinion the content you use should accomplish two things:

  • It’s not boring (for you). The more interesting is the content, the more time you will spend with it.
  • It’s not too easy or too hard.

There is the exception which is the content is very interesting although it’s also difficult. In this case, go for it :wink:

In general, the only way to learn a language is to exposure yourself to the language (listening and reading) hundreds of hours. Like Steve says, when you feel you are ready you can have conversations or just write in in Spanish to practice what you have been adquiring.

But the most important thing is to enjoy :slight_smile:

With that said, I can recommend the lessons made by two important providers. You can find the links at their profiles:

thank you Òscar!

And his recommendations are also great, nothing else to add. Just to be patient and keep studying, you’ll get your reward even if you think you aren’t making any progress, because you are.

Another great provider is IDEL: Login - LingQ