Where Lingq is heading... and Lingq's community

Wow I think Veral did something really really cool there… If we have the time and feel like making the effort why not write at least a few of our responses in two languages? I mean this is only on a by post basis and when the poster feels like it but wow how much help would that be if someone replies in English and then just whatever other language they want, whether it’s their native language or another language they’re learning.

Now before everyone says “Eh we don’t have the time!” I don’t mean for every post but if some people did it that could help the cosmopolitan goal we were looking for…

Yo creo que Veral hizo algo tan bueno. Si tenemos tiempo yo creo que podemos escribir nuestras respuestas en dos idiomas… Creo que podemos hacer esta idea en un puesto de puesto de base i cuando alguno quiere. Pero eso puede ser un buen ayuda si alguien responde en ingles i despus responde en cualquiera idioma se quieren, no importa si es su idioma nativo o si es una idioma que esta aprendiendo…

Well if we have time, I think it’s a pretty good idea…

Maybe you should try to realize the multilingual skype chat. I’m open to any initiatives.

Misschien zouden jullie toch de meertalige skype chat moeten proberen te realiseren. Ik sta alvast open voor ieder initiatief.

  1. Steve wrote:

“My conclusion from this exchange is that we should continue to write in English here, to write more in our target languages in the appropriate forum.”

It is what I had thought before the exchange started. Any forum should be more or less structured and organized, otherwise it soon becomes undistiguishable from a random mixture of small-talks. We soon will not be able to find the topics of our interest (despite the Search Forum functions).

I support the idea of a Skype multichat in English about where LingQ/Community is heading. However, its aim should differ from practicing our English, IMO. May be we should briefly say here what we are going to discuss there?

Come on, people!
For me, forums discussions need to be as natural as possible. It is not natural to re-write the posts in two or three languages or to have posts in several languages in the same discussion!
What makes a forum active is to have lots of people watching them, interested in them. It’s again the issue of the egg and the chicken…
I have marked to watch all the Portuguese forums. When there is something there which I think is interesting, or I think I can contribute for the discussion, I go there and write in Portuguese. I did this today!
So, my easy hint is this: select to watch all the forums in your target and native languages. The rest will come naturally.
Maybe lingq should select some forums to watch automatically when the user starts with a new language. Or offer this as a choice in a pop-up.