Where is The Linguist in Russian?

Where is Steve’s book in Russian? I’d preferably take an e-book or online version or something, but as far as I can tell, it’s not available.
And how much of the book is actually missing from the Russian Lingq version they’ve got posted here? I went through that but that’s obviously not the complete translation.

The translation and recording of the book is an ongoing process, and the chapters that have been translated and recorded are available here in the library on LingQ.

Ricky, I’ve made up to now 755 of translation of the Steve’s book and you can find the most of ot in the Russian Library if you write in the search box ЛИНГВИСТ.
Enjoy it and if you have any questions, you can ask me.

Wow, thanks Evgueny!

@evgueny, I’m sorry I’ve done what you said and still only find the portions of the book which are narrated by a female voice. This gives very short portions of chapters 1 through 39 with the exception of chapters 33-38 I think. You say you’ve uploaded 755 of them and for some reason I can’t find those.

@Ricky The book ‘The Linguist’ consists of 62 or 65 chapters(not 755). I’ve made 46 chapters, and I’m continuing this work. It’s approximately 75 per cent of the contents, the last chapters are shorter.
THat time when I started the translation, I didn’t dare to record my voice because I stutter a bit. That’s why I asked Steve to find someone who could record my translation, and he found this woman.
And that’s why it’s a time delay between my translation and her recording.
Since then I began to record my voice to other materials that I give for the Russian library in Lingq. It proved to be not so bad, and you can read a lot of my lessons and Interviews in the library:collections “ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ ГРАММАТИКА”,“МОЙ ПУШКИН”, “НОВЫЙ РУССКИЙ ПОДКАСТ”(Интервью со Стивом).Recently I’ve recorded “Страницы русской истории - Киевская Русь”
But I don’t think it’s correct to record “Лингвист” because this woman started to record this book, she has a nice voice and let her to finish it this year.
Have a good luck with Russian, and if you have any questions, I’m ready to answer them.
By the way, I make some interviews with English native speakers as well; if you would like to, I can make an interview also with you.


It’s strange because I’ve never heard you stutter in a live conversation.

@evgueny, thanks for the detailed answer. I’ll wait for the rest of the translation then. It’s a fun read and the voice Steve has chosen to read to us is perfect.

@RickyRuffcutt - Anna, who has been recording the chapters of the book, has been quite busy, but I’ll follow up with her to see if we can get some more chapters recorded and uploaded into the Russian Library :slight_smile:

We’ve just uploaded chapters 33-42. Enjoy!

alex, Super. Thanks! And thanks to Evgueny for the translation and Anna B. for the very clear and pleasant reading. (Note lesson 42 typo: сопртивление > сопротивление in a few places.)

Thanks Anna / Evgueny!

@Alex… I’ve been gone for a little while, but thanks for letting me know that 33-42 are up. I’ll check them out immediately.