Where is Korean?

It’s getting close to the end of the month and still no korean added. I’m waiting to officially become a paying member till korean is added. I watched the contest closely and voted 3 different times for Korean as the vote software changed and can’t believe it’s taking this long after the vote had ended to add the winner.

Can we have a status please? Thanks

We’re testing it right now. It should be up by Monday.

sweet, cheers Mark. I’m excited! 링크에서 한국어 더 공부하고싶어요

I second that, edwinchan. I can hardly wait!!

This is brilliant. I can’t wait for it to be added!

Korean on Monday…That’s Awesome!!! Can’t Wait!

Don’t get too excited yet… :slight_smile: There won’t be any content when we put it up. We will be relying on you keeners to start uploading and sharing content.

Korean is launched. Enjoy!

Sure MissTake, I have added both now.