Where do the LingQ lessons come from?

I am a fan of LingQ and going to upgrade to a paid account shortly. I was just wondering, where do the lessons on LingQ actually come from? Is there a team of people who work for LingQ who actively create the lessons, or is it simply content that other subscribers here have uploaded? If so, how can we guarantee the accuracy of everything here?


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Some courses, such as “Mini-stories” or “Who is she” have been commissioned by the LIngq staff but most are contributed by users. Most of us also end up uploading our own content.
In my experience the content is very reliable. You can contact most content creators who are also typically mentors to find out more about them, if you have doubts and you can always ask in the forum what native speakers think about a particular course.

I’d like to add to Ftornay’s comment that I would say Lingq actually encourage people to follow there interest and “create their own content (importing)” . The stuff that is on lingq some of it might be interesting and compelling big language such as German and Russian has a lots of content and I think it is possible to achieve a quite high level in this languages.

But, unless I am mistaken lingq staff has said themselves that people are encouraged to find content that are compelling to them and that much of the content in the library is mostly for people who don’t feel confidant yet to go out and search for content that they like.

Of course for languages like Bulgarian the importance of library content is bigger since I can imagine that there is not going to be as much easy and compelling content to please a large variety of people.


Hey, I’m trying :slight_smile:
I’ve got a couple of things planned; I’ll see how they turn out.


That’s good to hear, I could have used another language as an example as well, such as Gujarati or Belorussian, I choose Bulgarian because it is the latest language to have been added :grin::grin:. Also if certain things go the way I hope I might have a go at Bulgarian.