Where do LingQ paying members live?

These numbers are rounded out and therefore are a little rough. They represent percentages. These countries account for about 80% of our paying members.

Way to go Lithuania!!!

USA 24
Japan 8.5
Canada 7.5
UK 6
Russia 5
Germany 4
Australia 3.5
Brazil 2.5
Spain 2
France 1.5
Korea 1.5
Sweden 1.5
China, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech 1

I am sure the accounts with Lithuanian IPs are all Chinese VPN users. LOL!

The Canadian number would have been up if you took cash from me.

3kingdoms ( I have a set of CDs of story teller 袁阔成 telling the story of 三国 at home by the way)

  1. you can send us a cheque, I do not recommend sending cash, or you can drop by with cash, for a six months membership.

  2. It would not greatly affect the numbers here which are percentages.

I feel so mainstream, man.

Just kidding, those numbers are interesting. Thanks for posting.

Six months membership, that’s what I was thinking of.

Mainland Chinese story tellers are very good. Also the people who give voices to foreign films. Both Mandarin and Cantonese. In Hong Kong, there are also good story tellers, but filming dubbing is terrible.

I meant “film dubbing”.

Another questions: Which languages do paying member study?

Vera I will look at that tomorrow and let you know.

What a shame that Italian paying members are only 1% of the total… :frowning:

What a shame that New Zealand’s not even on the list. Bah! I’ve been something of an on-and-off paying member, largely because my language of focus is Chinese (and I need characters first), but surely I’m not the only one in this country who’s at least a Basic member? Maybe I need to get out and start gluing LingQ banners to random lamp posts!

What I find interesting about this is that the USA is at the top. I would not have expected that because other than my online friends from the USA, I know few people here who have an interest in learning a second or third language. Perhaps with online opportunities to learn languages, that is changing. I certainly hope so.