Where do I find my Timeline?

How do I locate my Timeline? Like the one belonging to mfr, screen-printed here:



My guess is that ‘Notifications’ replaced ‘Timeline’.

Have you perhaps misplaced it? Try clicking the flag on the very top left of this page. There you’ll find it, I hope!

The flag on the top left of this page is an image, and the image is used as a link to your home page or the top page of the LingQ site.




Here is another version for your collection: “The flag on the top left of this page is a link to your [LingQ] home page.”

I was thinking about the above code.

And what were you thinking? I think I have to give up thinking about this timeline thing . . .

I agree with Yutaka. It looks like Notifications has apparently replaced what they formerly called Timeline. Notifications is accessed by clicking on the number box that looks like a rectangular speech bubble, which is located between Forum and your profile drop-down menu.

Clicking on your profile name takes you to your Profile page, as does clicking on the Beta-LingQ flag in the upper left-hand corner.

When you click on the LingQ.com link from Google, if you are not signed in, then it directs you to the LingQ Home page, which is designed for people who haven’t joined yet. If you ARE signed in, the link redirects you to the welcome page for the language you have selected. So I guess the welcome page is the member home page, but I still don’t see a Home button to navigate you there.

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@brucenator - that’s right, the notifications feature has replaced Timeline. The default “home” page for those who are logged in is the Learn page for the selected language. When clicking on the username at the top menu, you can see your profile page and the activities related to you (posts on your wall, who liked your comments). On the Exchange page you can see other members’ activities.