Where do i find lesson about the korean characters?

in order to learn the vocabulary, i think i must learn first the korean characters… how will i do that? isn’t it covered in the lingq? i can’t find a link somewhere here where I can study the korean characters before actual reading and writing.


I must admit that I have not searched our library to see what lessons exist to explain the Korean writing system. However, you should consider other resources to use in conjunction with LingQ. If you google “learning Hangul” you will find lots of information on how to learn the Korean writing system such as this one.


There is a collection in the library called “Your First Steps”. This collection contains 5 essential lessons on Hanguel. I am not able to post the link here, but go to the library and search under ‘playlists’, or just go to my profile. I’ll give it a rose so that you can follow the link.