Where do I find coins (LingQ Help-Center doesn't work)

I wonder how many coins I earned so far in my languages but I can’t find the figure. Maybe someone can help me?

The LingQ Help-Center is of no use because it can’t open links there. I also searched the forum without any success.

To see your Total Coins earned number go to the Statistics page (View all Statistics under the Coins drop down on the home page). Then select Coins Earned and All Time on the Stats page to see the number.
Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick response!

If I’m correct, in that statistic, I only can see the number of coins I earned in my time on lingq, but not the number of coins I have left to repair my streak? This last number would be more important in the end. (I should have been more specific in my question, sorry).

And a second question that comes to mind: Do I keep the coins to repair the streak for life or do I have to earn them in a given time?

I agree it’s a bit confusing and we are actually looking into improving the Stats page in the near future. We do plan to make some changes there and make it easier to handle.

Yes, you won’t lose your coins unless you actually spend them, they will remain available on your account.

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Sounds great, thanks!

Half the stats page is incorrect. The graphs for “Last three months”, “Last 6 months” and “All time” are incorrect. And the data isn’t correct either. I’ve only had Lingq for 65 days, so the numbers of known words should be the same for “Last 3 months”, “Last 6 months” and “All Time”, but they show differences. Lingqs and lessons completed show the wrong number too. The data listed under “All Time” appears to be correct (except the graphs are wrong).

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