Where did the user hints go?

@Mark: Why do you only show a shortened user hint? This is a problem if words have more than one meaning.

I described the problem in a former post:
Much more annoying for me is that you cannot see the FULL hint. Especially with conjugated verbs I often start with the infinitive of the word and some other interesting things and others are not able to see the translation. Or words have more than one meaning and users only see the first one, because only a small part of the hint is shown. I experience this problem all the time when my daughter studies French. She never see the hints that I’ve created.

Today we had this problem again and again. The user hints that were shown when I select them from the dictionary pull down menue are too short.

@mikebond - You’re a very special kind of learner - most of us are not so fortunate to be able to use user hints in a variety of languages :slight_smile:
We’ll see what we can do here, though I’m not sure we will have any immediate remedies to offer!

@VeraI - May I recommend adding a specific symbol to the user hint that you want your daughter to see? It can be something like a dash or an asterisk, and this would help your daughter to quickly and easily identify the hints that you have created from the list of user hints.

@Alex: My user hints are only an example. Why don’t you show MORE of the user hint? Why don’t you show the COMPLETE user hint? You cannot imagine how many user flag correct hints because they think the LONGER hints are better.

@mikebond - you can add user hints in other languages as resources in the dictionary section. That way you can click on user hints from English in the dictionary drop down when you open the link which it. That is one of the advantages of the new dictionary set up.

@vera - we are going to enable hovering on user hints to see the full hint. Give us some time to set this up. If users are flagging hints because they’re not long enough we may have to disable this functionality for users. Flagging of hints is strictly for incorrect hints or hints in other languages. Many users myself included do not want long hints we prefer short hints.

Thank you, Mark!

Mark, I have been adding user hints in other languages for ages. That was not my point. To see user hints in English, I should click on the Italian flag and select the British flag, then click on the user hint dropdown, right? I think I have already tried this once but didn’t find any user hints in English, either. I will try again.

@mikebond - Sorry, it should be working as Mark mentions but there appears to be an issue here. We are hoping to get this resolved in the next week or so. Essentially the User Hints will be another dictionary/resource in the list for each language, so you will be able to add the User Hints tab for multiple languages to the dropdown for quick and easy access.

Thanks for clarifying, Alex! Put it this way, it sounds like a feature I would be happy to use. I hope it will be working soon!