Where did the link to the vocabulary per lesson go?

I see the lesson pages got another slight makeover and it’s nice, BUT I can no longer go to the lesson vocabulary from the lesson page. Can you please bring it back? This is in the web version. Still accessible via tablet or phone, but that’s not how I usually work. TIA!

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The review button is still there at the bottom right on the website version too. Are you not seeing it on your end? What browser are you using?


I’ve not noticed any problems accessing the lesson vocabulary, but the should add an option to drill vocabulary for the entire course from inside the course page. I believe that function previously existed but was possibly removed. It’s still possible to access all vocabulary for a course by clicking the vocabulary icon on the bottom of the screen, however I’ve found that not all of the courses are visible for some reason, so I have no choice but to drill each lesson individually.

Zoran, I’m using Chrome. I see that this happens only on the sentence-view pages, and it has also disappeared on those pages from my Samsung tablet. It’s OK, if that was intentional, I guess, as I can still access the lesson’s vocabulary from the page-views of the lesson, but I have to say it was confounding and I was a little disappointed. If y’all do something like this on purpose, do you post anywhere that a change has been made? But if you want to put it back the way it used to be, I’d be even happier. :slight_smile:

Here’s a screencap so you can see it’s no longer in the lower right corner of the page, as it used to be.

Isn’t the “Review Sentence” option from your screenshot what you are looking for?

Thanks for asking.
No, I was looking for the Vocabulary Review buttons, which used to show up on sentence view or page view. Here’s a screenshot which shows them on the page view, but as you can see on the Sentence view screenshot in my previous comment, the entire vocabulary links are not there anymore. They have been replaced by the “Review Sentence” link.

Hi Yiotta. We replaced Review control and Vocabulary list option with new Sentence Review control which shows new integrated review activities, the previous review activities with vocabulary list are no longer available on sentence view (web app), but is still accessible from full text mode, it was done intentionally. And thanks for your feedback, we will share it with the team.


LingQLearner, thanks for the info. Well, the new design is a cleaner option, and I’m OK with that, having eventually discovered that I could still access the Vocabulary Review section via the Page view. So, afaic, you can consider the matter “closed,” though I was thrown for a bit of a loop at first; is there a place where the developers post design changes, so I don’t have to bother y’all in the forums when anothe design change happens?

…the previous review activities with vocabulary list are no longer available on sentence view (web app), but is still accessible from full text mode, it was done intentionally


I don’t see vocabulary review available from sentence view or page view.

I don’t care that much, but I used vocabulary review because it seemed to fix the flaky keyboard shortcuts, which I do care about.

I would really like LingQ to be a more stable app.

Brave / Windows 10

Hi Yiotta, sorry for the late reply. “is there a place where the developers post design changes” - unfortunately we don’t have it currently for the users, but we have a couple of ideas on the board, discussion is still taking place, so hope we can go with final approach soon. Thanks


Hi jt23, so you don’t see in full text mode review icon at the bottom right corner with options: Review Page, Review Due, Review Lesson, Vocabulary list, Manage LingQs and Review Sentence in Sentence mode? Because under “vocabulary review” in context of this post meant review activities.

I don’t see “Vocabulary List” in “Sentence View”. Nor do I see it in “Page View.” This morning I don’t see “Vocabulary List” from “…” . I don’t see a way to get “Vocabulary List” anywhere.

Hi jt23, thanks for screenshot, it brought us clarity. Yes, on smaller screen size we don’t have side panel and vocabulary option (since vocabulary list is showing on side panel too). We will take a look at this and will try to add this feature for smaller desktops and tablets.