Where did all the political discussions go?

I remember there used to be LOADS of political conversations on LingQ. They seem to be all gone now. What happened?

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BTW Mr. Kaufmann if you are limiting speech on this platform I respect that cuz it belongs to you (even though it would be lame).

drumpf makes me cranky = “political discussion”


Most political topics were created by one user who is apparently no longer active.


Steve Kaufmann used to be quite political, but since his retirement he rarely posts here.

Has he retired from Lingq? Or what do you mean.

If you really interested in politics and speak or learn English, German or Russian, you can use my courses about polttics, for example in Emglish-

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You can find there some my discussions with the native speakers about politics and also some of my political articles.
But I have to say that last time I write less political articles because I believe less that we can convince somebody with such discussions.
For example, 95% of Russians are sure that this poisonous case in Solsberry and the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria in Guta are just political dirty games to continue isolating and punishing Russia and Putin.
However, 95% of western citizens are also sure that just Putin and Russia are to blame for these events. And it’s useless to convince each other.

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Technically he retired from day-to-day running of KP Wood, I guess? Though he’s still listed as company chairman.


Apropos politics, I reckon a lot of Steve’s anti-Trump and anti-Putin whinging is only based on business interest. Trump’s protectionism is likely making Canadian timber less competitive in the US market. And I also suspect (though I may be wrong) that Steve&Co invested in some mills in the Ukraine in the hope that it was going to become part of the EU - something which isn’t happening any time soon thanks to Mr Putin.

Ah, politics… :slight_smile:

What was the name of this user?

The japanese guy has lost his interest in politics. The other Lingq members are convinced that they can’t spread their ideology by writing on a language learning platform. (I guess)

Next question: Where have all the non-political discussions gone? The forum seems to be half dead.


I think you are wrong about both. It may be that the “Japanese guy” just realized that he was taking it a bit too far posting several posts a day and thus sparking constant political debates with several political threads at the top of the main forum index at almost all times. I visited his profile a while ago and it seemed like he stopped using LingQ alltogether, which is sad.

Wow, that’s quite an accusation. Any actual evidence to back it up?

My impression was that the post is a honey pot for Steve in order to make him participate here :wink:

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Don’t worry. People come and go, and they will return when the site is of use to them again.

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“…For example, 95% of Russians are sure that this poisonous case in Solsberry…”

“Salisbury” - but pronounced as “solsbury” :slight_smile:

(I am standing by my story - that this attack was carried out by a paratrooper disguised as a truck driver!)

Thanks for your correction.
And I like your idea of a paratrooper!
Of course, this was a paratrooper!
And another paratrooper has obviously made that ‘chemical attack’ in Eastern Guta.
But where are they from? Maybe from Mars?

Well, I did say: “…I suspect…though I may be wrong…”

And, y’know, I really meant it - I may actually be wrong here. It may be that KP Wood has never had any kind of interests in the Ukraine. And it may be that they have never lost a load of money because of Uncle Vlad’s actions. But I do kind of wonder?

(And yeah, of course, Steve is more than welcome to set the record straight :-D)